Hørdum, Møllevangen 7, 7752 Snedsted.
Tlf (+45) 20 91 51 73 
Bente Bangsgaard

Møllegården v/ Bente Bangsgaard

Located just outside of Hørdum. Hørdum is located in the middle of Thy, close to Limfjorden, The West coast, Cold Hawaii and National park Thy.

We live on a disbanded farm right outside of Hørdum - At the end of the road, no traffic, very quiet and peaceful. You can live here on our tent site.

You have to bring your own tent.

The site is surrounded by trees - so the shelter conditions are top notch.
You can make a fire at our large campfire. We have wood.
We have lots of table/benches set available.

Next to the tent site you will find our large former barn.It is now decorated with for example, our garage, but also with a toilet/bath.And a fully equipped kitchen, 
it is all at your disposal on a sharing basis with any other guest.

In connection with the kitchen we have a large dining room/living room with TV and free WIFI. 
In the bathroom there is a washer and dryer. 
In our garden there are clotheslines – which are used extensively by the surfers....... 

Motorcyclists are very welcome.

In addition to the tent site, we also have 2 rooms - B&B - without Breakfast! The breakfast - you make it yourself.....  
There is room for 2 people in each room. 1 double bed (140x 200) in each room. TV in both rooms. 

Rooms are located in the former stable building.

Smoking only outdoors.

Price, included bed clothes and towels.

Sleepover in own tent - 100 kr. pr. person. pr night.
Children under 12 years lives here free.

Sleepover in a room - 250 kr. pr. person pr. night.
Children under 12 years: 125 kr. pr. night.

Dog may also live here - It cost 25 kr. pr. night.
We have our own dog - 10 year old Tilde.

You can take the train to Hørdum - Then thers only 800 meters to Møllegården.
Just give us a call - then we can come pick u up 🙂