Toften, Lodbjerg

Lodbjergvej 37, 7770 Vestervig.
Tlf (+45) 23 71 40 42
Viola Nørgaard 

Toften, Lodbjerg v/ Viola Nørgaard

Little cosy annex, with kitchen/family room (with TV) and batch. Suitable for 2 persons.

Located at the ''Vestekyststiens'' Bicycle route, and close to Thy National park.

App. 1 km to Lodbjerg Lighthouse, and 0.5 km to Lodbjerg Church.

Free acces to wireless internet.

Price, included bed clothes and towels (2 persons)

1 Night 350 Dkr.

Following nights 300 Dkr. pro night

Breakfast only by appointment - 50 Dkr. pro. Person.

Dog at line are welcome - 50 Dkr.